Can I place an order without registering on the site?

Yes, you can place an order as a guest.

Can I place an order by email?

Unfortunately, orders are accepted only through the online store.

Can I use Ruda Mama's visualizations to promote products in my store?

Yes of course :) You can download visualizations to use them to collect orders or show your clients the available designs.

How long do I have to wait for my order to be processed?

Delivery time is from 7 to 14 business days. Domestic shipments (PL) are carried out using the selected shipping method. We make international shipments with the help of courier DPD.

Is changing the pattern / color paid?

Yes, you can modify every panel available on the site. Type changes - adding a name, changing colors costs PLN 15 / £ 3

Custom size - can I order a size that is not in the price list?

The price list presents the most popular / standard sizes - if you are interested in an unusual size, it will be prepared especially for you. Then we conduct a quote individually.

How do I pay for the order?

For your convenience, in the Store you can use several payment systems:

  • Transfers 24
  • Paypal
  • Card payment
  • Traditional transfer

How can I check at what stage the order is?

Your orders go through several stages. Each of them is sent an email with its current progress. You can also check the status after logging into your account on the website in the MY ACCOUNT tab.

Can I cancel an order already paid for?

You have the option of canceling only until the order has passed the status "Preparation in progress".

Can I make a complaint about fabric damaged during transport?

Of course. For any complaint, please contact info@rudamama.com or via the contact form available here. In the event of damage to the courier, please write a report at the courier about such an event. Otherwise we will not be able to make a complaint to the carrier.

In the email title, remember to enter the order number for faster identification.

There was a printing error. Where can I file a complaint?

Of course, for each complaint, please contact us at info@rudamama.com.

The order I received does not match my invoice. What do I do?

As with any complaint, please contact us at info@rudamama.com or via the contact form available here.

In the email title, remember to enter the order number for faster identification

Can I exchange or return the ordered material?

Each of the materials is printed on your express order, therefore no returns are possible.

What is a panel?

The panel is a piece of printed fabric with the pattern of your choice. The pillow panel is not a finished product, i.e. a pillow. To sew a pillow you will still need material that you sew on the other side and fill.

Will the ordered fabric consist of cut panels or will I receive the order entirely for cutting myself?

The fabric will be in one piece, in the size you choose. The availability of sizes is described for each product in the store.

Will the colors of the ordered pattern differ from those I see on the monitor?

The colors of the prints may differ from those you see on the monitor. Also the base material on which the print is made may have various shades of white. Which also affects the color of the printout.

Our fabrics:

Softshell - 100% polyester, 300g, 157cm width, white fleece underlay, waterproof
Cotton - 100% cotton with OEKO-TEX standard, 155cm width, 132g
Oxford - 100% Polyester, 190g, 157cm width, waterproof

Washing instructions

Softshell - You can remove delicate dirt such as dust or mud with a damp sponge or a soft brush. If you feel that the water does not condense on the surface of the fabric, the breathability has decreased, the dirt is more persistent or the clothes have just been used for a long time - it will not do without washing.
Choose a gentle washing mode, a temperature of 30 ° C and a very low spin speed, pour the liquid into a clean container and do not use softeners under any circumstances.

Cotton - We recommend washing at a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius, using a special program for delicate fabrics, preferably with a phosphate-free detergent. Centrifuge at low speed (max. 400 rpm)
Do not use bleach or other aggressive bleaching agents or remove the material after washing.

Oxford Waterproof - You can remove delicate dirt such as dust or mud with a damp sponge or a soft brush. We recommend washing at temperatures below 40